What Is The Difference Between Labiaplasty And Vaginoplasty

Women who have had children or are getting a little older sometimes find that sexual pleasure can be lacking. Many times this is due to the vagina becoming lax or less tight than it once was. But, there is a cosmetic surgery which can improve this and rejuvenate the vagina known as a vaginoplasty. Sometimes a labiaplasty is performed at the same time, but what is the difference between labiaplasty and vaginoplasty?

What A Labiaplasty Does

A labiaplasty works on the outside of a woman’s genital area. This cosmetic procedure changes the shape and/or size of one or both of the labia lips. They can be made smaller to adjust the asymmetry between them. The excess tissue can be reduced, removed, or reshaped.

Some women find it quite painful during intercourse if a labium lip is too large. It can actually be pulled into the vagina during intercourse. They can also feel uncomfortable in tight fitting undergarments or clothes.

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What A Vaginoplasty Does

A vaginoplasty or aesthetic vaginal surgery tightens and restructures the vagina. Many women experience vagina stretching due to pregnancy, age, and weight loss. They may find it harder to become aroused after vaginal birth, and in addition, are left with urinary incontinence.

The procedure involves removing a portion of the vaginal wall and tightening the muscles in the vagina as well as those of the pelvic floor.

Some of the reasons for wanting a vaginoplasty or tightening the vaginal wall include the following:

  • Feeling of looseness to the woman and her sexual partner
  • Sexual sensitivity will be improved for both with a tighter vagina
  • Helps with urinary incontinence
  • Someone desiring a transgender sex change where there is a complete formation of a vagina

Finding The Right Plastic Surgeon

Of utmost importance before deciding on one of these cosmetic surgeries is to find an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon like Summit MedAesthetics. Often these two procedures are performed at the same time, so experience and expertise is necessary.

If your are incontinent, experience pain during sex, don’t enjoy it any more, or just don’t feel as confident as you once did, maybe one of both of these cosmetic procedures is something to consider.

Contact Summit MedAesthetics if you would like a consultation to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery and what you can expect.

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