Medical Reasons To Consider Labiaplasty

The female body undergoes many changes as a woman gets older, as she goes through common life experiences like childbirth, and as she undergoes hormonal changes. Any of these can affect the external genitalia, causing the labia to become enlarged and uncomfortable. Although many women decide to have labiaplasty for emotional and aesthetic reasons, there are actually several medical reasons to consider labiaplasty.

Chronic Urinary Infections

An enlarged labia can trap secretions like sweat, urine, and vaginal discharges. Once trapped in the external genitalia, it becomes difficult to clean properly after urinating and during bathing causing the growth of bacteria.

For many they may suffer from chronic UTIs which can lead to kidney infections. Labiaplasty may help with these symptoms.

Pink soft fabric shaped as female genital organs

Difficulty Urinating

Those women with very enlarged labia may discover that it interferes with their urine stream and ability to clean themselves.

Pain And Discomfort

A woman with an enlarged labia may realize it causes pain, discomfort, and even contact dermatitis and itching under certain circumstances.

At times a woman can become embarrassed because their genitalia shows through their clothing.

Some of these situations which cause pain and/or embarrassment include the following:

  • When wearing a bathing suit
  • Having a job where one must sit for long periods of time
  • Pain during sexual intercourse caused by Pyspareunia
  • Wearing tight fitting clothes causes chafing
  • Participating in sports where tight clothing is needed

Vaginal Childbirth

Many women can suffer from trauma to their labia after childbirth. If a woman has a vaginal birth, it can cause trauma or disfigurement to their labia. A labiaplasty can return the vaginal area to its pre-childbirth appearance.

Maybe You Were Born With It

There are some women who have had large labia from the time they were young teens. So although many women see changes to their genitalia as they get older, others have the issue earlier in life.

They may not be bothered by it at first, but these women may find that it interferes with their lifestyle, especially if they enjoy sports activities.

Talk With Dr. Apostolis

Don’t be embarrassed to bring up the subject of a medical labiaplasty. You are not alone.

In addition, ask questions about financing your procedure if your insurance company deems your reasons for wanting surgery more aesthetic than medical.

There is no reason to be uncomfortable or in pain due to an enlarged or disfigured labia.

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