Get Summer Ready With Juvéderm

There are few cosmetic treatments that can enhance your facial features as easily as Juvéderm. Losing elasticity and volume in our face due to aging has met its match. Bring back your youthful look before the loss of collagen, and get summer ready with Juvéderm!

Non-invasive Juvéderm

If you have lost volume and definition under your eyes, have smile or marionette lines, or wish to bring back those sculpted cheeks this summer, Juvéderm dermal filler will change your attitude and maybe even your life.

When we begin to lose collagen, we lose the youthful structure to our face. After age 20 our body no longer produces collagen, and we begin to lose 1% each year. By the time we are 50, 30% is gone. With Juvéderm you can turn back the clock at any age and remove those sagging cheeks and thin lips.

Made with the natural occurring substance in our body, hyaluronic acid, Juvéderm has proven safe and effective since its FDA approval in 2006.

cosmetologist making facial injection

Choose What’s Right For You

Summit MedAesthetics will help you decide the type of Juvéderm that’s best for you based on the targeted areas you want to enhance.

  • Juvéderm XC was the first product to add volume and smooth out lines and folds around the mouth.
  • Voluma XC works on the midface like sagging cheeks. It adds volume and contour to the total cheek area.
  • Ultra XC enhances our lip thickness since we lose thickness with age.
  • Ultra Plus XC adds volume to lips and around the mouth. This is better for severe folds and wrinkles and for extra lip enhancement.
  • Volbella XC gives more subtle volume for lips.
  • Vollure XC is the newest member of the Juvéderm family. It works on moderate to deep wrinkles like nasolabial folds from the nose to the corner of the mouth plus other lines that frame the mouth.

Get The Results You Want

Results are usually seen almost immediately and they can last up to two years. Why wait any longer to refine your facial features with Juvéderm?

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Call Summit MedAesthetics at (330) 953-3414 to schedule an appointment to get summer ready with Juvéderm. Our cosmetic specialists have extensive experience producing transformative results. We also offer our VIP Membership Program for those looking to save on routine aesthetic care.