7 Amazing Benefits of Dermal Fillers That You Should Know

Youth passes us by much too quickly, and our age shows on our face first. Those so-called laugh lines aren’t so funny any more. Luckily, we have ways to reduce those wrinkles, lines, and the loss of collagen that haunts us all.

Know They Are Undetectable

Gone are the days of duck lips! Older types of fillers left many with inconsistent results and an unnatural look. No one wants to look totally different after an injection, and with today’s dermal fillers we can expect a subtle look that hydrates, softens, and adds volume to the skin so it becomes almost impossible to detect.

Woman getting facial fillers


Know They Are Safe

The newest fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our skin. These products are no longer produced in the lab or from animals like in the past. This means our results will look smooth, more hydrated, and young looking.

Two of the best hyaluronic acid fillers that help to restore volume in the face are Restylane and Juvederm.

Know What Only One Injection Can Do

One hyaluronic injection can last up to one year. This is a marked improvement from older fillers, which began to lose their potency quite quickly, sometimes in as little as one month.

Now patients can expect amazing results quickly with no downtime, and with less side effects. You can increase volume in your face where needed and smooth over wrinkles making you look younger and healthier.

Know You Can Even Prevent Future Wrinkle Problems

Doctors are noticing that if you begin injections before turning 30, you may prevent future wrinkles. Smaller amounts of product are used to help you age less noticeably.

By using fillers sooner, it becomes easier to treat wrinkles before they become deep and more prominent.

Know Today’s Fillers Can Be Adjusted

We have all heard of hideous mistakes made with the older fillers, but today’s dermal fillers allow adjustments if needed. If you are not completely satisfied, a different injection can balance out the look or totally dissolve it.

Know NOT to Compromise With a Cheap Filler

You get what you pay for, and this is never more true than with a dermal filler. Run away from a “special” or cut-rate deal. An exception may be made if the offer is promoted by a board-certified SPECIALIST that you know and trust.

In many cases these advertised discounts apply because they are using less than standard product. Dermal fillers have become so popular because they cost a fraction of what a traditional face lift might, but be wary of any sort of “deal” you see advertised.

Know That Techniques Are Always Improving

Find a practitioner who has the skills and philosophy you require to give you the natural look you crave. Look for someone with experience and the ability to listen to your concerns while also addressing all important questions.

More About Injectable Treatments and Dermal Fillers

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More About Dermal Fillers

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